J-Reiff Fendt Classics Vol. 3 (Tool-Carrier)

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90 Min.


NEU: 2023

J-Reiff is one of the best-known agricultural contractors in Europe. Over the past few years Josy Reiff, the company’s senior manager, has built up the world’s largest collection of Fendt classic tractors. In the third part of this J-Reiff Fendt Classics series, we’ll be taking a look at the legendary Fendt tool carrier, which was first introduced over 50 years ago. It’s taken us a lot of organising, but we’ve managed to record over 30 tractors, from the very first to the most recent GTs, out working in the field all year round. The Fendt tool carrier was filmed during the soil tillage, sowing, maintenance and harvesting of various field crops. Our particular highlights were the grain and sugar beet harvest, both of which were done with carefully restored machines. This is the first ever film project to cover the history of Fendt tractors in such detail! Options: DVD / Videostream Studio: landtechnikvideos.com / farmworld.tv Running time: 90 minutes Speakers: English