J-Reiff Fendt Classic Vol.1 (1928-1958)

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J-Reiff is one of the best-known agricultural contracting businesses in Europe. But it's not just modern farm machinery they have on site. Over the past few years, senior partner in the business, Josy Reiff, has been passionately compiling the world's largest collection of classic Fendt tractors. The collection comprises over 200 Fendts, dating right back to the first so-called “Dieselross” and grass mower tractors built in the 1920s. This documentary focuses on the models built between 1928 and 1958. Many of the tractors are prototypes and one-offs, and you’ll see dozens of them at work in the fields and woods. The film is narrated to bring you a wealth of fascinating information about farming at the time, and of course, the tractors themselves. Experience 95 minutes of exciting footage and a documentary on Fendt tractors like you've never seen before. A second instalment on tractors built after 1958 is already in the works. Options: DVD / Videostream Studio: landtechnikvideos.com / farmworld.tv Running time: 95 minutes Speakers: English
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